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Parenting fails, WTF moments and oblivious idiots. We’re gonna need some wine……

How to be a decent human being on an airplane

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Today we explore how to be a decent human being on an airplane. While most of us figure it's common sense, a lot of folks are oblivious to the rules. Lets dive deep into them, shall we? 


In today's podcast, we're talkin' about how much laundry sucks! We take a look at a new machine that actually folds laundry and discussing Shake My Head News! 

During the podcast, we discuss a fabulous new app called Ibotta. Wanna join? Click here: Ibotta App

Things That Annoy Me About House Hunters

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"I don't like the color of the walls," or "I could see myself entertaining here". Have you ever been annoyed with these common phrases, watching House Hunters? Me too! In this episode of Hot Mess Memoir, I break down all the things I hate about the show! 

Subscription Boxes

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For episode 4 of this podcast, I discuss subscription boxes such as Stitch Fix and Hello Fresh. Is it a good deal to purchase kits of uncooked food? No. No, it's not. I'm not going to entice you and tell you it is, because it's a stupid idea. Here's my rant. 

I Don’t Want to Go to Your Stupid Party! K?

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Have you been forced to have a makeup party or even worse, asked to sell it? Me too! Today I talk about how much it annoys me along with being thrown into the awful Facebook pages promoting Lula Roe leggings. Bleh! 

Thinx Episode 2

When my co-worker told me about Thinx, underwear that replaces a tampon or pad, I knew we had to discuss.

Man Cold Episode 1

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For my first podcast this week we are breaking down a very real and debilitating sickness: the man cold. We can't imagine what he's going through! Next episode: Sunday 24th 2019!